New York Times. July 17, 1969

Advertising space taken out in a special section on the moon landing:

memo to a great-grandson

Even though you aren't born yet, we are going to save this copy of the New York Times for you to read when you are grown up.

By that time, going to the moon may be commonplace. But in 1969, as you can see from these pages, it was quite a thing. After all, it was the first time that man ever set foot outside the earth.

We'll save the complete paper so that you can see the ads and have a good laugh at the fashions of the Sixties. Those were the days when men's and women's clothes were still differentiated and the abbreviated remains of women's skirts could still be seen.

Men's clothes had just waked up from a hundred year's sleep and there were only eighteen Wallachs stores in the whole world.

Hope you're enjoying the twenty-first century.

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