This is my new muscle.

I've been working out. I go Monday and Wednesday afternoons without fail. Except on MLK day, and last Wednesday because I didn't feel like it; but other than that: without fail. Some people call it "going to the gym," I call it "being on a PROGRAM."

Today is Monday, so I went to continued my PROGRAM. I usually go to "weight room lite," which is the small grouping of weight machines next to the climbing wall. It's very calm and since there are no free weights, you'd have to study somebodies machine for a while before you can tell how much they're lifting. Also, nobody seems like they want to get in a fight.

But, variety being the soul of pleasure, I decided to go to the big boy weight club today. It was fun! I saw Steve from my junior high football team. I said hi, but I don't think he heard me. Also, Steve is much stronger than I am.

But I digress. For me, being on a PROGRAM isn't about actually getting stronger. In fact, if working out was bad for me I might do it anyways. I do it because I don't have that many regular obligations in my life. I have class and two jobs, but at the bare minimum all I have to do for those things is show up.

The thought goes: if I make myself get on a PROGRAM, maybe other things will happen alongside it. Maybe I'll do my dishes. Maybe I'll clean up my computer desktop. Maybe I won't stay up all night playing SF Rush 2049. Maybe I'll be a, you know, grown up.

Success so far: 50%

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