My Hands are Stained Pink from Making Fondant

Oh my god! Fondant is the most beautiful thing ever! I've wanted to make candy ever since I was like 10 and couldn't make it because I lived in Germany where they didn't have corn syrup. Tonight I made it and it's beautiful! I have to wait until 5 or 6 in the morning to knead it some more and package it or something, but it's gorgeous even now!

I broke off a few chunks for color testing and dyed them severely with red and neon pink food coloring. Those ones are BRIGHT red. I also broke off a chunk of the clear stuff and rolled it around with my stained hands. The outside got slightly pink but the inside stayed clear and the thing looks like it's glowing.

Fresh fondant is sort of like pitch. You can shape it with your hands but as soon as you put it back on the table it will flow into a puddle over about thirty minutes.

Yes, this does have something to do with the pink show. I'm going to make blackberry fondant, cinnamon rock candy (maybe not cinnamon, still working on that), and candied rose petals. Then I'm going to hold the candy ransom. Badges can be bought for a dollar. When all the badges are gone, the candy will be released. I have an idea for the sort of mechanics of how the hostage holding will take place.

I wish I had my camera right now. I left it at work.

MORE tomorrow.

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