Candy Update

Show in about 24 hours. All the test cooking and half of the real cooking have been done. Also all of the hardest (I hope) gallery stuff has been done, like figuring out how to install a 10' by 10' wall that's mostly made of steel (thanks Charlie and Ben* for phone help).

I ransacked two grocery stores for marzipan. Technically this is almond paste not marzipan, the difference being that marzipan has more sugar and less almonds. I think marzipan is more the more appealing nomenclature though.

Rolling out the marzipan tiles. I will be able to cover a 24" by 52" pedestal/table and serve over a thousand servings of candy.

Baking the marzipan.

I'm tired and going to bed. More tomorrow maybe. More on Monday for certain.

*Ben, start a blog.

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