Baker Center Epilogue

My camera was out of batteries. Sorry guys! All the presses and stuff were really cool though.

I have a new roommate, which means that I'm living with some cats for the first time ever. I really like them. I was also jealous of my roommate's shower-lather-thing because I've always wanted one*, so I got my own. Even better, mine is on a stick. I feel like I'm washing a really big animal (such as an elephant) when I use it, which makes it lots of fun because I then feel like a really big animal washing myself. I am my own zookeeper. Pictures soon.

*When I was in 7th grade or something I was playing football for the first time and it was really cool. There was also this commercial on TV:

This commercial prompted me to give body wash a try (I had used bar soap my entire life until then). The thing that was confusing for me is that the above commercial seems to advertise the lather-thing** but the bottle of Zest obviously didn't come with one. Some eight years later, I now have one.

**Some people call this a loofa. Loofa is my new second favorite word, beating out "fuzz" but still behind "fabric." What I've come to understand though is that a loofa is specifically a kind of natural sea sponge. I'm not sure what to call what Iron Head is using, except for lather-thing. My roommate has a lather-thing. I have a loofa on a stick.

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