Golden Grail

I got a deep fryer yesterday.

It is amazing. Last night I made french fries to go with some cheeseburgers. Tonight I made a bed of golden steak fries on which to lay two eggs, sunny side up. I ate them with tea and thought briefly of Russell Davies. Up next: eggplant! donuts! tempura! plaintains! bananas! corn dogs! Some of you may say: "Hey Zach, aren't you going to have a heart attack?"

I also moved into a new house. More on that later, but it is wonderful. And also: the picture of a deep fryer is not mine, but I'm borrowing it from flickr public. It's better than nothing.


charles said...
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charles said...

The deep fryer you've pictured is basically the same model as the one I've got. Except mine is red and orange and says "WING IT!" on the side. I guess it's for making hot wings.

A tip: Microwave burritos come out like the crisp burritos from Taco Time, if that's your thing.