When I have a paper due for a class and I'm not excited to write it, I'll usually stall by doing things that are just under that paper's level of importance but just over all the other things I could be doing. Earlier this week I did my laundry.

Look at them in there having all that fun with those bubbles:

And this scary machine:

Which vibrates and sounds like this:

And the dryer. Which actually displays fire and moving belts when viewed through the parking lot window:

This is what 3,500 lbs. of laundry looks like before it gets carried 5 blocks back to my apartment:

You may be wondering, "Why didn't he just do his laundry at his apartment?" The answer is, "Because my neighborhood is prone to acts of tepid but frustrating vandalism:"

Tonight I have another paper to write. I bowled a 116 and jumped a skip-it in a dark alley. Documentation to come.


Cori said...

bowling rematch, my mom is sending me my shoes

zacharyr said...

it is ON

Toby said...

How many revolutions did your skip-it record?

zacharyr said...

i don't want to argue, toby