Vacuum Cleaner

Earlier this week I bought a vacuum cleaner. Its a strange thing to buy, something that I had never really thought about before. Would they make cool looking ones? Would they be comfortable at my height? How much does a vacuum cleaner cost? Would it be (unlike every vacuum cleaner I've ever encountered) easy to use, with all the parts attatching neatly when not in use? Would it maneuver nicely on varying surfaces?

I bought a Dirt Devil Vision and I like it. It's tall enough. It's a really pretty blue (sometimes I wish there were more yellow appliances, but it's not a popular enough color in the US). The foot controls are big, easy to activate, and intuitively placed. It even has a soft and flexible bumper on the front so you can run it into the furniture. I enjoy using it. Maybe I'll vacuum tommorow.


Toby said...

I think that your vacuum cleaner may be an attempt to emulate the dyson vacuums.

zacharyr said...

yeah, those were like hundreds of dollars. i mostly just want something enjoyable.